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Environmental Commitment

Environmental Concerns

We have implemented a Quality Management System and Environment-SGQA directed to control the environmental impact in the short and long term of our services, providing resources, assigning effectiveness of procedures, practices and processes.

We define the company's environmental policy and determine the methods needed to achieve the objectives through continuous improvement.

It is an interactive process that involves ALL employees of the company and has allowed implement policies and procedures that will reduce the environmental impact of its activities:

  • Improving environmental performance;
  • Ensuring full legal compliance;
  • Improving the image and competitiveness of the Company;
  • Integrating the environment component in the overall management of the company;
  • Reducing the impact of the treatment and disposal of waste;
  • Reducing energy consumption and water;

Over the years, Moda21 , has been thinking about ecology and has developed ecological solutions such as:

  • WWTP (Wastewater Treatment Plant ) ;
  • Water used in the production process as well as in the laboratory originates underground capture in three licensed holes;
  • The water in the production process and domestic sources is treated at the plant prior to discharge to the River Cávado;
  • Substantial reduction in water temperature of dyeing, by means of a heat recovery system.
  • Throughout the organization were placed containers for selective collection of waste , which are then temporarily stored in our waste park. All waste generated by Moda21 are collected by licensed organizations.

We undertake much in control of the environmental impact by running processes that allow selective investments in streamlining the overall energy consumption. In this sense we have been investing in the replacement of machines of greater energy consumption by low consumption, as well as in the production of electricity from thermal sources (CHP) and photovoltaics.

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