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About Us

What We DO


The Moda21- Tinturaria e Acabamentos Têxteis, SA was founded in the late nineties, the result of the insight and determination of a group of businessmen from textile industry.

Predicting the future, we decided to create synergies to face the increasingly competitive global market, where the critical dimension has been exceeded, allowing to generate economies of scale that generate added value and sustainability for the organizations involved.

We are equipped with the most evolved technology destined to drive complex processes that dominate the noblest fibers and the most delicate and sensitive materials of the premium market.

The company regularly promoted the upgrading of technical and functional equipment so we constantly prepared for the upcoming challenges.

The provision of dyeing and finishing of textile fabric developed as a main activity since June 2001, giving meshes the properties of colour, touch, dimensional stability and other requirements requested by our customers.

We have also developed the production of electricity from thermal sources (CHP) and photovoltaics as a complementary activity.

The energy paradigm has always been a strategic investment in line with the parameters of maximum economic yield.

Temos implementado um sistema integrado de organização com distribuição equitativa de funções directivas.

Temos uma administração dinâmica que antecipa as soluções e domina o contacto directo com as diferentes equipas de trabalho, assumindo os seus compromissos dentro da mais criteriosa ética empresarial, profissional e humana.